Videos, Photos, Drones, Oh My!

While in high school Peyton developed a knack for the creative arts, thanks to a close friend and a teacher. He began to film and photograph weddings, as well as local bands, to gain experience and it quickly became a passion. After graduation Peyton attended Union University in Jackson, TN where he received his Bachelor’s in Digital Media Studies | Communication Arts and served as president of the Union Film Society. After graduation from UU Peyton moved back to the Nashville area where he continues to do free-lance digital media work.

One thought on “ABOUT

  1. I knew Peyton in our adolescent years as we grew through grade school. He has always had a knack for creativity and was one of the most honest and genuinely good people around. Though I have not been in regular contact with him in recent years, I have, through the grape vine (more so a river flowing with information thanks to social media) seen quite a lot of his work and his eye for capturing turning points and special events in people’s lives, along with the smaller things in life that many people look past on a daily basis. It is truly inspirational to see this goofy guy I knew to succeed in being a young man with a vision and talent; making it happen for himself and in the process, time locking so many memories with a variety of different people. He is most definitely a great character to have in your company and excellent at his work. Just having this guy around will add to your occasion, not to mention what he has to offer when it comes to framing awesome memories.
    A proud old friend wishing the absolute best of luck,
    Johnathan Hillier

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